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    About Trades
 -I prefer trade master cdrs or tape + covers (  I like 5covers per release  ) because pack's more small and also I can be more speed !
      -For litlle trades we can trade One tape for One tape ( but no big trades. I don't have too much time to copy 40tapes for one trade )
     -I often trade cdr & tape together, and vinyl for vinyl. But nothing is impossible
     -Sometimes I lost my motivation and I'm really not speed for trades. Spam Me, I'll react  !
About submissions :
-I don't really do a selection, I'm very opened.
-I prefer receive material stuff,
-But I you can send me a mail too.
You can send me your stuff ( tapes, cdrs, floppy... ) here :
Hassani Thomas
13 rue Formigé


or send archive here :
About Release stuff
-Majority of the tapes are recycled
-Xeroxed Black&White covers
-White paper, sometime colored
-Sometimes limited, sometime no ( generally maximum 100copies )
-You can do the cover, I can do it too ( often raw cut'n'paste  )
Artist Copies
I send one master tape or cdr + Bunch of cover ( from 15 to 20 when it's not limited )
If we can take the occasion for make a trade, it's better !
Style, Genres, Etc : 
Deep / Strange / Raw / Hard / Violent / Harsh / Abstract / Experimental/ Lofi / Shitty  Sounds

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