FASP's my noise / harsh / psyché noise / sludge etc band.

Regular Line Up is : 
Raph : noise/guitar/drums/bass/saxo/
Me : noise / guitars / drums / bass /synth

and sometimes for gigs, our friend toto help us as a session drummer

IMPORTANT // we have a lot of unreleased session and we enjoy releases splits with noise duos ! // ask us if you want to release something on your on my label together ///


Split w/ Sanair ( sludge doom improv / drone / ltd 100 copies, color paper)
Split w/ Hollow Kost ( sludge doom improv / noisecore / numeroted copies, xerox cover)
Split w/ Dbpit&Xena ( both ambiant drone expé duos, fr & italian, unlimited xerox cover)
Split w/ Vomir, Flunitrazepam Haloperidol, Sanair ( rec live, ltd 40copies, 180gr colored xerox)
FASP Kill Sunn O))) (harsh noise, sludge doom improv /ltd 40 copies, 180gr color xerox)
Split w/ 2:13PM (2french duos/ harsh noise / deep drone/special red cover ltd 48copies)
Split w/ Flunitrazepam Haloperidol ( 2french duos / harsh /special yellow cover ltd ??)

"Voyage" (full lenght, 45mn contains jazzy sludge, space harsh rock, soundscape & harshnoise / hanmaded case and bomb sprayed cover, numeroted copies ) 

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