Zombi Attack Releases

All in tape ( except exceptions)

If you want to be released, ask to

ZxA01__Deche Charge / Glaire Chazal ( noisecore / noisegore)
ZxA02__PxExNxE / Anus Tumor ( gore)
ZxA03__6 Way Into the Gore ( gore / grind)nourriture, sagg, terrorazor, bong ejac, anal phabete, anal impalement)
ZxA04__TDF / WAM ( shit)
ZxA05__Filthy Charity / Katastrofobia cdr ( canceled)

ZxA06__From A Slow Putrification / Sanair ( drone doom exp)
ZxA07__6 Way  againt music ( noisecore  : hollow kost, agression sonore, analxfirth, psychotic sufferance, 7minute of coituus,  )
ZxA08__ Faxe/ Attaque Cardiaco ( grindcrust ! )
ZxA09__Hollow Kost / From A Slow Putrification ( noisecore & drone doom alliance)
ZxA10__ Ekunhaashaastack / Mossy Pussy ( HNW)
ZxA11__Lactovaginal : Jihad  ( old school grind from poland)
ZxA12__Adolf Shitter / Larsen Lupin ( 2 new noisecore bands from france, sick)
ZxA13__From A Slow Putrification / Dbpit & Xxena ( harshnoise madness / Italien ambiant noise)
ZxA14__Our Roots / Inquisition / Monkey See Monkey Do ( powerviolence, fastcore & japcore, live stuff)
ZxA15__Diseksa / Malpractice Insurance ( fastgrind malaysia / old school mincegrind usa )
ZxA16__4 Split Noisefreaks ( XlosmouX=swiss noisegrind, Fatal Position= indiana noisecore, Porraloka=brazilian noisecore, Multipolar Quotien=shitcore )
ZxA17__Adolf Shitter / Mouloudji ( lofi raw noisecore  / great old school french singer )
ZxA18__Breakfast On Jupiter / Musta Oksennus ( powerfull noisecore tape get this or get this ! )
ZxA19__Ekunhaashaastaack / Moe Molthing ( Filthy harshnoise ! )
ZxA20__Fistule Davaï : s/t ( first full lenght, for the label & for this sick dadharsh duo C60 )
ZxA21__FASP kill sunn O))) ( raw sludgy improvisation, with death of a Sunn O cabinet ) 
ZxA22__Vomir/Sanair/Flunitrazepam Haloperidol/Fasp (raw live @montpellier, up&down, 03/30/2012)
ZxA23__FASP/2:13PM ( harsh noise harsh & drones french duos, special red cover )
ZxA24__FASP/Flunitrazepam Haloperidol ( harshnoise french duos, special yellow cover )
ZxA25__FASP :Voyage (cdr, special homemade digipack, hand sprayed&painting cover, psychedelic, sludgy jazz, harshnoise, spatial soundscape, 4 trax )
ZxA26__Schormbzilk / Fistule Davai ( dada split tape, special cover, ltd27, first is dada punk improv with saxo, accordeon, drums, bass, second is strange harsh mix)
ZxA27__PxNxJ : Date Human Extinction ( 50mn full lenght assault of crazy ultra raw&weird noisecore from THAILAND ! don't miss it ! )
ZxA28__Saturn From Essence : Orbital structure of Venus ( 20mn of glacial & planant synth drones from ukrainia. great stuff )
ZxA29__Breakfast On Jupiter / Agamemnon ( Sci Fi Noisecore / Noisegrind from brasil )
ZxA30__4 way french drummachine noisecore ( filthy tape with Sarkofachocrss88, Prozack Maurice, Sarin diarrhoea, agression sonore )
ZxA31__Breakfast On Jupiter  EP tape ( C3, raw noisecore, ltd to 5 copies, special pack ) ONE LEFT
ZxA33__Jerk Kerouac : Kebuntuan ( malaysian harshnoise, filthy stuff, special pack, ltd to 25 copies )
ZxA34__Tortured Screams in the Wall ( HNW from BELARUS, ltd to 30 copies, special pack, coprod with underground pollution records )
ZxA35__No barriers for Noisecore( international split tape with bands from canada, usa, denmark, italia, bulgaria, ukrainia, italia, france, thailand, malaysia, feat, deche charge , faekal omsorg, mental hygiene terrorism & orchestra, breakfast on jupiter, adolf shitter, fuck me fuck my noise, psychotic sufferance, noizabbest, garfields meat, coming from my penis, maläd  )
ZxA36__Fasp / Gotter Ângst ( 2 french duos, fasp is southern pragmatic harshnoise  when gotter angst come from the north in a violent vein, with a wall approach, a bit drone too) limitied to x copies, blue special cover

ZxAxV01__ADOLF SHITTER / CLAUDIA SHITTER 7" ( den shreken uber noisecore live / dada shitcore russia ! / yellow vinyl, full color cover, ltd 200/ corelease with NHDIYSTREC, Underground Pollution Records and Mr Bobaloba
ZxAxV02__ADOLF SHITTER / SETE STAR SEPT ( der shrecken uber noisecore / ultimate noisegrind japanese assault ! green vinyl, colored cover, ltd 200, corelease with Underground Pollution).