lundi 27 décembre 2010

Zombi Attack Releases

I search harshnoise, noisecore, powerelectronics, drone, experimental, noisegrind, crust, fastcore, powerviolence, grindcore, punk hardcore, goregrind, raw black metal, and other shit, to release DIY tapes ! just take contact with me !

Out Now ! !

ZxA01__Deche Charge / Glaire Chazal tape
ZxA02__PxExNxE / Anus Tumor tape
ZxA03__6 Way Into the Gore tape
ZxA04__TDF / WAM tape
ZxA05__Filthy Charity / Katastrofobia cdr
ZxA06__From A Slow Putrification / Sanair tape colored paper limited to 100
ZxA07__6 Way For a total destruction againt the music tape
ZxA08__ Faxe/ Attaque Cardiaco tape
ZxA09__Hollow Kost / From A Slow Putrification tape
ZxA10__ Ekunhaashaastack / Mossy Pussy

Out Soon !

ZxA11__HA-! / Karak tape and cdr
ZxA12__Unabomber EP tape or cdr
ZxA13__Sister Bastard / Jodida Actitud Normal tape
ZxA14__ Compost / Bukkake Violence Kommando tape
ZxA15__Hollow Kost / Disleksick
ZxA16__LactovaginaL : Jihad
ZxA17__YOU ! Ask !

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