lundi 4 juillet 2011

New tapes ! New Gigs

Hi ! some tapes are out !

Agression Sonore / Fistule Davaï ( harshnoise/ new band, harshnoise mix, with the guy from Ecoute La Merde)
Agression Sonore / Â ( HNW tape)
Agression Sonore ( try to make ambiant / drone sentimental, more noisy)
Agression Sonore / LordxGonzo ( harshnoise / harshnoise from an ex member of HCF, vulgar nausea, now in xaros)
Agression Sonore/ Shi or let the Transexual Destroyer Works ( noisecore / ritual ambiant minimalistic noise)
Agression Sonore / Ecoute La Merde ( harshnoise, 2nd split )
Ecoute Sanair Merde ( collab between Sanair, drone, and Ecoute La Merde, harshnoise )
Lactovaginal : Jihad  ( great engaged old school grindcore from poland ! Get this ! )

Also, Hollow Kost will give  a special gig tomorrow, in Bourg en Bresse, casa merda with a battle with Shi or let the transexual destroyer works. Also this day : Death Toll 80k ( grind nordique ) Powercup ( powerviolence outre nord atlantique ) & Goatvermin ( raw black metal de la terre en friche de belfort).

(in)conscience will do a gig in L'enthropy @ Marseille with Totalickers ( crust spain) & Our Roots ( powerviolence) July 20th

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