dimanche 21 août 2011

harshnoise gig this wednesday, fast punk gig day after

hi, wednesday there's an harshnoise gig in marseille in the entrhopy

with : Morgane Desbeet ( harshnoise lyon since more than 10 years)
         Ecoute La Merde ( hyperactive giant poivrot of french harshnoise)
         Agression Sonore ( harshnoise sudiste since 2008)
         Adolf Shitter ( apocalyptic raw & crappy noisecore madness from the filthy destroyed hell)
maybe more ! free priced

the day after, it's a fast punk gig, same place than harshnoise gig

with :  monkey do, monkey see ( japcore - marseille)
(in)conscience ( gorepunk hc - arles)
inquisition ( fastcore - powerviolence)

for tape who will be out : 
malpratice insurance / diseksa  : hard day's grind C15 will be out, killer grindcore in ur face!
adolf shitter : auschwshit session ( apocalyptic harshnoisecore from hell )
adolf shitter : accoustshit crematorium ( electroaccoustique session from the apocalyptic harshnoisecore band from hell)
filthy charity / ??? ( search grindCORE band)
8 way noisecore ( with deche charge & hollow kost for the moment)
larsen lupin / ???( gogolito noisecore from south west of france / search noisecore)
william agression la merde sonore ecoute nurdin ( collab tape between W.N, ecoute la merde & agression sonore)
from a slow putrification / ??? ( live session from january, 8 // search doom or drone band)
from a slow putrification / dbpit & xxena ( harshnoisedrone session / ambiant noise)
(in)conscience / totalickers ( punk hc / dbeat crust, all live in entrhopy 20th july)
ecoute la merde colonise la mere patrie ( exceptionnal boxtapes, will contains 5 tape about the way to colonize russia, about more than 3hours, very limited)
agression sonore / rotkappchen
agression sonore / migraine inc
agression sonore / william nurdin
agression sonore / DMAH
+ some stuff that I forget...

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