lundi 26 décembre 2011

Somes Holiday news

Hi !
so, some news agression sonore tape out ( LP tape, splits... )
new Zombi attack records tape ( like 4way noisecore, Adolf shitter / Mouloudji ... )

I search noisecore bands for a multi split tape, lenght is approx 5 / 7mn per bands. for the moments some of the bands are Deche Charge, Faekal Omsorg, Adolf Shitter, MHTO, larva, noizeebeest, etc... )

I'll coproduce the Adolf Shitter / Claudia Shitter 7" . More infos coming.

I'll also start a series of floppy disc, all kind of  noisy stuff accepted, just the file will be inferior than 1.44mb ( you choose the compression ) It'll be a 50 floppy disc series, just ask !

I'm still always ok for release any noise, grind, ambiant release in tape.

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