dimanche 25 mars 2012

March / April News

I start a floppy disc series, I think about 50 floppy disc releases, 16are planned at the moment

For infos : 
- Each Releases will be limited to 5 copy. no more, no less 
- No more than 1.4mb because it's the maximum on a floppy disc 
- You choose the lenght & the compression of your file. it can be 1 second or 20mn. 
- In the mail, send an archive with your trax + a text with infos (name, contact, title of the song NO MORE ! ) 
- When you send your mail, write in object " Zombi Attack Floppy Series" 
- I will offer extra copy only if we can make a trade together. I don't have money to send 50 floppy disc around the world. 

all kind of weird music's allowed : harsh, hnw, noisecore, PE, experimental, ambiant, concrete, shitcore, drone, also doom, drone, grind, powerviolence, fastcore, japcore, etc

new releases : 
BxOxJ / MxO ( noisecore)
Fistule Davai : full C60 ( dadharsh ) 
ekunhaashaastaack / moe molting ( harshnoise, fr & us ) 

news gigs : 

March 30 : FASP @ Up&Down, Montpellier, france ( with ExLxM, morgane desbeet & Vomir ) free entrance
April 21 : Breakfast On Jupiter @clash bar, avignon, france ( with maria andersen & other ) 

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