mercredi 6 juin 2012

News//June///New Tapes///New Floppies

Hi ! so some releases are out, like always, OK FOR TRADE !

ZxA21 : FASP kill sunn O))) ( raw sludy doomy improvisation, wich brutally stop because of the death of a                                sunn O))  cabinet
ZxA22 : Vomir / Sanair / Flunitrazepam Haloperidol / From A Slow Putrification ( recorded live @montpellier, up and down march 30th 2011 )

Both are limited to 40 copies,  160gr paper, color xerox.

For the floppy, 6 are out :

-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume I Hippycrack
-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume II Jeff Foster
-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume III Nundata

-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume IV Somnaphon
-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume V Rektal Omsorg
-Floppy Noisy Serie Volume VI Lord Gonzo

( 20 others are planned at the moment  )

Upcomming releases : 
Adolf Shitter / Claudia Shitter 7" ( maybe end of the month, maybe july ) --> Noisecore france & russia
From A Slow Putrification / Flunitrazepam Haloperidol (  two filthy harshnoise duos from france special cover )
From A Slow Putrification / 2:13am ( two noise duo, special cover )
From A Slow Putrification / ??? ( we enjoy make split with noise duos )
Adolf shitter / Psychotic Sufferance 7" ( no date planned now )

Upcomming gigs
July 9 : FASP @ Casa Merda ( with other bands )

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