vendredi 28 décembre 2012

News before the end of the year

Hi ! Some news tapes are available ( or will be next days )

-Agression Sonore / Tchernobyl  ( habitual harsh / shitcore newcommer from france ) ltd30
-Agression Sonore / Infected Signal ( fr & deutch harshnoise split )
-PxNxJ : date human exctinction full lenght  (  ultra raw&weird stuff from thailand ! kind of "progressive noisecore", drum/bass/screams in your bloody ears during 50mn )
And soon :
-Ebola / Grumo (italian  noisegrind / grindeath , tape version of the 7", amazing ! ) need to make the cover.
-V/A Le noisecore français a boite à rythme (feat Sarkofachocrss88,Sarin Diarrhoea, Agression Sonore & Prozack Maurice) Insane drummachine + Larsens + Screams equal this ! need to make the cover.
-Breakfast On Jupiter / Agamemnon Project (tape version of the split. Insane delta's noisecore vs grind )
need to make the cover
-Weapon Creak / Cumsock ( noisegrind) wait the sound
For the floppies nothing for the moment. so only 12 are released, the first 6 are sold out, some of the 7-12 are available.
About gigs, nothing are planned for the moment. The private gig last week was totally drunken and we've played about 5mn I think. Maybe I'll release the record on 3" cdr.
About bands, Adolf Shitter will do a 7" split with Sete Star Sept and a 12" with Psychotic Sufferance. Stay Tuned, I may coproduce those vinyls !
And my hardcore band starts good, we have 4 or 5 songs... maybe we'll release a demo next year... or a split. we'll see
I'm interested to release all kind of stuff, bands, projects, collaborations, lives, demos rehearsal, other, noise, harshnoise, noisecore, drone, abstract, glitch, experimental, breakcore,speedcore,  8bit, circuit bent, ambiant, field recording, dada, shitcore, noisegrind, grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence,spazzcore,  fastcore, thrashcore, hardcore, crust, dbeat, doom, sludge, psychedelique, folk, .....

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