lundi 10 décembre 2012

no news and no news

Hi folks,
no motivation equals no results
so no new release, not a lot of trade, bla bla bla

release section I'll don't talk too much about future releases because I don't know when I'll release those. But tape, maybe a new 3"cdr section and maybe a second vinyl.

Also, If you want to release a tape on my label, you can ask, I'll answer and a release is often possible, but please don't be impatient, don't send a mail everyweek, so it's great if you don't care about delay

About gigs, fasp will play in an appartment in arles for the end of the world, maybe it'll be record, maybe not.

Bands : Also (in)conscience is dead, but we have start a new band, more fast. At the moment, no name, no lyrics, no releases.

Sorry for those who wait for an agression sonore session, I've recorded lot of stuff, only don't really time ( lack of motivation?...maybe too ) to upload this, my connexion is absolutely crappy.


Agression Sonore

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